Amateur Radio



My station has been off the air for a few years now.  Starting early in 2007, we began to build a new home on 7 acres to the south of Indianapolis.  Along with the house, my other building project was to get two towers back in the air.  The house was completed in September of 2007.  The towers were installed around October of 2007,  but with the weather turning to winter, no antennas were installed.  Starting in the spring of 2008, the antenna building began.  Along with that came a lot of hardline, coax and control cable to be ran as well.  The station is still not 100% complete, but it is very functional!

I've attempted to compile some of the pictures of the station re-build.  Below, feel free to click on a link to take you to a specific gallery.  There will be more pictures added as I find them!

73/Greg - K9IG

Shack (Initial Pictures - it looks better now!  More pics to come)

Tower Assembly

Lightning Protection

Antennas Going Up

40M Yagi Assembly (XM240)

6M Yagi

10M Yagi

Towers Almost Completed